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        Green paint splotch

        Warm & Cozy Collection

        "There is no shame in hibernating when the weather gets cold, especially if your pajama game is on point. If bears are allowed to hibernate all winter long, why can’t we? At LazyOne, we offer a wide selection of warm pajamas to help you embrace your inner bear in the cold weather and stay cozy all season long.

        You will find no shortage of onesies, pajamas, robes, slippers, throw blankets, and other accessories to keep you snug as a bug in a rug as the temperatures drop. Whether you are on the hunt for cozy pajamas or cozy robes, we have something silly and snug for everyone in our Warm and Cozy collection.

        Our signature thermal pajama sets are teeming with colorful florals, mischievous moose, peaceful snowflakes, and hooting night owls to keep you company in your winter coma. Our selection of cozy robes for men and women features an array of festive prints and patterns that will put the fun back in any nighttime festivities.

        Anyone with a strong PJ game knows that a onesie is for true legends of cozy. In fact, anyone claiming onesies are only for babies needs to step up to your cozy level. Our flapjack onesies aren't your typical onesies. With the traditional long john fit as our inspiration, we decided to take the classic onesie to a whole new level by adding a buttoned flap on the back to give your derrière a touch of drama or drollery – your pick! We carry flapjack onesies for adults and kids in our Warm and Cozy collection, so you can stock up on jolly jumpsuits for everyone you know. We also carry a handful of hooded onesies and footie pajamas, which we affectionately call Footeez.

        Don’t forget the fuzzy feet! When warm pajamas aren’t enough to get through winter, we also offer a wide range of cozy slippers for the occasional catnappers out there, plush socks for the impeccably dressed staycationers, Toasty Toez boots for those who have to leave home out of obligation, and animal paw slippers for the kiddos who want to stomp around the den.

        We also carry heartwarming hats and offbeat blankets to keep you or your little one warm and living your best cozy life this winter. Please contact us if you have any questions about this selection of funny, cozy pajamas!"

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