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        Wild Wild Rest | Kid PJ Set

        Reviews (19)

        Sometimes kids can be so wild that you just wish they would rest. With our Wild Wild Rest Kid Set they will be comfortable no matter what they are doing. Whether it be sleeping or playing cowboy.  Our Wild Wild Rest Kids PJ Set is made with the highest quality combed cotton, these pajamas are a must have for any kid. You will be able to rest easy knowing your little one is as comfortable as can be. 

        ? 100% Combed Cotton

        ? 2 X 2 rib fabric

        ? Snug Fitting

        ? Sold as set – Long Sleeve Shirt with Long Pants

        ? Contrasting neck, waistband & cuffs

        ? Permanent No Fade Print

        ? Preshrunk

        Brand: LazyOne
        SKU: KID969
        User Reviews (19)
        We love our Lazy Ones!
        Lazy One is our favorite brand of pajamas! The fabric is soft and holds up well... and the designs are super cute! We have stopped buying all other brands of pajamas.
        Cindy Lu
        I just love it. Very very nice thanks lazy one!!!
        Snowstorm / Florida
        ?? it all !
        Spectacular PJs
        These pajamas a great! They are so soft and wash so well! I adore cute well made pajamas. These have to be my fav so far! Thank you!
        Mel / Mississippi
        Lazy One is our favorite brand of pajamas! The fabric is soft and holds up well... and the designs are super cute! Please don't ever stop making them!
        Cindy Lu
        No words and I mean none! Can even describe how much I love these pajamas! I was always a pajama lover but the day I found this company changed my thoughts on any and every set I ever bought from anywhere else! They are SOFT AND COMFY AND FIT SO PERFECT!
        Puuurfect / Pennsylvania
        Love my pjs
        They are the most comfortable pjs I have ever worn so I ordered my grand babies and myself and another pair!
        Go-To for kids pjs
        I ALWAYS buy my kids christmas PJs from Lazy One. I haven't found anything that is has high quality, well fitting and cute as Lazy One. They fit and stretch so well with growing kids. So excited for my little guy to wear these!
        Josie / Utah
        Love My Experience!
        I had a great experience with Lazy One and have ordered items about 4-5 times in the past.
        Laura S.
        Wonderfully "Wild" PJ's
        I am thrilled with these jammies for my "wild" 4 year old grandson! Quality is amazing...Buy them for our annual trip to the mountains to keep him cozy!
        Pat / Sugar Land
        Best Gift Ever
        I just have to say this was the first time I ordered from the site and was totally impressed. It was easy to shop, I found lots of other things I wanted to get but what I did get was a gift. I was extremely impressed because, even with everything that's going on, it arrived several days before it was expected. I ordered so late for his birthday that I figured there was no way it would get there in time but it did. I would definitely recommend your amazingly comfortable pajamas and gifts on your site to all my family and friends. I will definitely be a return customer.Thanks for being so awesome!
        Kati / Wisconsin
        Best pajamas!
        These are hands down my son’s favorite pajamas. Comfortable, fun without being too childish, and the fit is awesome. He loves them so much he’s now requested they be the only kind of pajamas we get him from now on.
        Kristen / Idaho
        Love this item!
        Definitely a great buy. Adorable. Comfortable. Cute. Great quality.
        Tiffany / Atlanta
        These are by far the cutest pajamas i’ve Ever bought! They are well made and hold up wash after wash. Highly recommend.
        Aunt Bre’
        My kiddos love all Lazy one Pjs!
        Great quality. Washes well. Comfy. We have bought several pairs and keep buying when my kids grow.
        These pjs are adorable and fit a little on the big side so you have room to grow! Perfect for the fast growing little ones.
        Cute stuff!
        Dawn / NY
        Great as always
        i've bought several kids pjs from Lazy One and not once have I been disappointed. Great material and graphics
        Accurate, fast and just what I wanted. Thanks for good competent customer service.
        Kath / FL
        Size chart
        Care Instructions
        Wash cold

        Cold with like colors

        No bleach

        Non-chlorine bleach

        Tumble dry

        Tumble Dry Low, remove promptly

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