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        Free Shipping over $50 in US

        Sloth | Toasty Toez Boots

        Reviews (13)

        Our Sloth Toasty Toez help your kids stay comfortable and relaxed just like a sloth! Our Toasty Toez live up to their name with a warm, fuzzy fleece lining on the inside, a stylish faux suede on the outside, and flexible rubber soles. Let you kids channel their inner sloth in comfort. Sold Individually per size and design.

        Kid sizes only.

        Kid Shoe Sizes:

        XXS (4-5),

        XS (6-7),

        S (8-9),

        M (10-12),

        L (13-1)

        Brand: LazyOne
        SKU: TZ945
        User Reviews (13)
        I just love it. Very very nice thanks lazy one!!!
        Snowstorm / Florida
        ?? it all !
        Warm feet
        These boots are all so cute, warm and sturdy. It’s hard to choose just one!
        Dianne / Michigan
        Love my pjs
        They are the most comfortable pjs I have ever worn so I ordered my grand babies and myself and another pair!
        Thanks for a great product! Worth every penny!
        Just writing because I bought a pair of the horse boots for my 1 1/2 year old daughter 2 winters ago in Fort Worth, TX. I bought them at a kitchy tourist store, and thought "these are cute. probably made in China. Probably won't actually wear well or keep her feet warm, but they're cute." So I bought them. 2 winters later, these boots STILL look amazingly NEW and look much better than the pricey UGG boots my friend bought for her kids. And my daughter's feet were warm all winter long - even while not wearing socks with these boots! for TWO years! That's forever in the life of a child's shoes! She's now outgrown her size XS, so I just purchased a new pair of Bear boots size S. Letting all my friends know - these boots are amazing! Thanks for a great product! Worth every penny!
        Love My Experience!
        I had a great experience with Lazy One and have ordered items about 4-5 times in the past.
        Laura S.
        Will Buy Forever
        I've been buying these since boots since before my daughter was even born, and now my son has the dinosaur ones too. They absolutely love them, and we get compliments everywhere we go!
        Curlzo / Wisconsin
        Best Gift Ever
        I just have to say this was the first time I ordered from the site and was totally impressed. It was easy to shop, I found lots of other things I wanted to get but what I did get was a gift. I was extremely impressed because, even with everything that's going on, it arrived several days before it was expected. I ordered so late for his birthday that I figured there was no way it would get there in time but it did. I would definitely recommend your amazingly comfortable pajamas and gifts on your site to all my family and friends. I will definitely be a return customer.Thanks for being so awesome!
        Kati / Wisconsin
        Niece Loves Them
        My niece wears them all the time and loves them!
        Yogi / Nebraska
        These were a gift for my daughter, so I never realized how cheap they were! Wow! She has worn these for it seems like years now. She's 5 years old and wearing them to kindergarten, and finally her feet are growing enough for the Smalls to feel tight. So I came online to find her the next size up. No part of them has ever fallen apart. She gets a million compliments (of course), but what I really love about them is they're warm and comfy for her (with or without socks) and she can be really active in them! Buy these!
        Darcy / Washington State
        Cute stuff!
        Dawn / NY
        Best ever
        My daughter absolutely loves these boots and wears them year round. They are so easy for her to slip on and so comfy. We always get a ton of compliments every time she wears them, Even in 80 degree heat with shorts and a tank top.
        Accurate, fast and just what I wanted. Thanks for good competent customer service.
        Kath / FL
        Size chart
        Care Instructions
        Wash cold

        Cold with like colors

        No bleach

        Non-chlorine bleach

        Tumble dry

        Tumble Dry Low, remove promptly

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