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        Cattitude | Women's Legging Set

        Reviews (39)

        Show some cattitude with your sleepwear, no mater what age! If you're a cat lover, even better! Our leggings are fun and fashionable, with bold colors, bright patterns, and the snug-fitting comfort you love in a legging! Made from a soft and stretchy Lycra/cotton blend, the leggings have a thick waistband and drawstring for adjustable comfort. The long, coordinating t-shirt is made of lightweight cotton and sports a flattering cut with a rounded bottom hem, V-neck, and three-quarter sleeves.

        ? Shirt - 100% Combed Cotton Knit

        ? Contrasting ? length Raglan Sleeve

        ? Slightly Lighter Weight Fabric for Better Drape

        ? Contrasting Flat Lock Stitch

        ? Tunic style length – longer than normal tees

        ? Lower hem in back for better backside coverage

        ? Leggings - 95% Combed Cotton, 5% Lycra – for better shape retention

        ? Interlock Fabric

        ? Contrasting Waistband & Cuffs

        ? Drawstring

        ? Form Fitting Styling

        ? Elastic Encased Waistband

        ? Fabric has enough weight for no show coverage

        ? Permanent No Fade Print

        ? Preshrunk

        Brand: LazyOne
        SKU: QWS0356
        User Reviews (39)
        We love our Lazy Ones!
        Lazy One is our favorite brand of pajamas! The fabric is soft and holds up well... and the designs are super cute! We have stopped buying all other brands of pajamas.
        Cindy Lu
        I just love it. Very very nice thanks lazy one!!!
        Snowstorm / Florida
        ?? it all !
        Love them
        They're super cute and they fit great!
        Melissa / Michigan
        Love it
        I love the fit of this shirt. I can't wait until it is cooler to wear. Great price
        Heather O. / CA
        Spectacular PJs
        These pajamas a great! They are so soft and wash so well! I adore cute well made pajamas. These have to be my fav so far! Thank you!
        Mel / Mississippi
        Lazy One is our favorite brand of pajamas! The fabric is soft and holds up well... and the designs are super cute! Please don't ever stop making them!
        Cindy Lu
        No words and I mean none! Can even describe how much I love these pajamas! I was always a pajama lover but the day I found this company changed my thoughts on any and every set I ever bought from anywhere else! They are SOFT AND COMFY AND FIT SO PERFECT!
        Puuurfect / Pennsylvania
        Soooo cute!!
        These are so cute!! And comfy! They fit true to size.
        these are so soft. I am 5'9" and these are actually long enough for me!!! That alone should give it 5 stars! They were perfect for what I wanted them for. Love them!
        Emme / Logan
        I live in these
        I purchased these leggings at a gift shop in Glacier National Park and LOVE them. They are without a doubt the most comfortable pants I own. They're super soft and stretchy and not too tight at all. They don't sag in the crotch like many leggings end up doing and the cuff at the bottom means I can wear them to bed without them bunching at the knees. I took off half a star because I found the sizing weird - I'm 5'6" and 130 lbs. and I usually wear a small or medium in bottoms. I had to get a large in these.
        Emily / Baltimore
        These are awesome
        I love these pjs! I must say they do run a little large. But great quality and SOOO comfy!
        Love my pjs
        They are the most comfortable pjs I have ever worn so I ordered my grand babies and myself and another pair!
        Love these
        I love these pjs! They are so comfy!! I love the style and everything about them.
        Jamie / Dallas
        Comfty and cute
        I LOVE this PJ set and every single lazy one pj set I own (that’s a whole lot y’all). The shirts, leggings, shorts and one pieces are all so comfortable. They look fantastic on and I get compliments every time someone catches me in them. I look for all kinds of excuses to wear them too (family movie nights, lazy Saturday mornings, etc). I absolutely love the dedicated customer service behind Lazy One & my family and I love their products!
        Best pjs / Cache county, Utah
        Awesome, breathtaking, amazing, stunning, astounding, astonishing, awe-inspiring, stupendous, staggering, extraordinary, incredible, unbelievable; magnificent, wonderful, spectacular, remarkable, phenomenal, prodigious, miraculous, sublime; formidable, imposing, impressive, mind-boggling, mind-blowing, out of this world, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, amazeballs, badass, wondrous, extremely great, excellent, and overall truly awesome!!!!!! If I could I would rate it so much higher than five stars, get these, I don't like a lot of things(as you can see my username is HATER07663), so me saying this says a lot about how great these are. Thank you so much Lazy One for giving one of the best things on earth, I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        My favorite!!!
        Kelly / Soda springs Idaho
        fit perfectly for a gift
        renaker / michigan
        I bought these cactus leggings and they are my absolute favorite pj pants. Super soft and the pants don’t ride up because of the cuffs. I will definitely be buying another pair.
        Angela / Texas
        Living and Loving my pj’s
        Seriously these are so comfortable I wear them out ! And now that I’m quarantined.. I just don’t take them off. I’m in love. Thank you so much Lazy One !
        Liz / Suffern, NY
        Love My Experience!
        I had a great experience with Lazy One and have ordered items about 4-5 times in the past.
        Laura S.
        These are super comfy! Love our matching jammies!
        HD1998 / Wyoming
        I’m so excited during this quarantine to be able to have fun lounging if front of the fireplace in these cute pjs!! I want to buy more!! Thanks for keeping me lazy and cute!
        Kelbel / Boulder
        Thanks, Mema!
        My grandma buys a pair of these pants for me at Christmas every year. I love them SO much I bought more for myself and now I can't stop. The fabric is so soft and they keep you at just the right temperature. LOVE love this brand
        Hannah / Michigan
        Love love love!!
        Most definitely my favorite comfy lounge-wear any day of the week! I could live in these pants forever!
        Wynona / Silverlake
        Best Gift Ever
        I just have to say this was the first time I ordered from the site and was totally impressed. It was easy to shop, I found lots of other things I wanted to get but what I did get was a gift. I was extremely impressed because, even with everything that's going on, it arrived several days before it was expected. I ordered so late for his birthday that I figured there was no way it would get there in time but it did. I would definitely recommend your amazingly comfortable pajamas and gifts on your site to all my family and friends. I will definitely be a return customer.Thanks for being so awesome!
        Kati / Wisconsin
        Best leggings
        I have these leggings and I love them! Any time anyone catches me I them they want to know where I got them. Everyone loves them, especially me! They’re the most comfortable and they look great too!
        Best leggings
        This is the most comfortable pajama fabric! I have also washed this several times, and it has not lost its shape or color. I will buy this brand in the future.
        SR / California
        Great PJ Pants
        Got these as a gift for someone and they’re absolutely perfect. Fit true to size and very soft!
        Ella / NY
        Love these pjs!!
        These are the most comfy pjs I own. I love the legging style. They fit perfectly too.
        Jamie / Dallas
        Best Action Suit Ever!
        Howdy, everyone! This is the best article of clothing I have ever worn. It is comfortable, warm, and stylish. Good for lying about the house, but professional enough to wear to the office. The bear camouflage would also keep you safe during treks to the far ends of the earth.
        The Sheltie Kid / Sheltieland
        I never want to take them Imoff
        I live in these! I have 3 more pairs that I rotate! I don’t know what regular clothes feel like anymore! These are so soft and so soft did I say soft? O my gosh after a shower and making my bed up and climbing in, IM asleep! Wake up smiling from wearing my pajamas! I’ll never buy pajamas from anywhere else!!! Ever! Get you some
        So glad I got these to lounge in during this difficult time. Lives up to the quality and comfort of my other Lazy One night shirts.
        I love my jammies!!! So cozy and comfy
        Cute stuff!
        Dawn / NY
        The BEST
        Best quality because of 100% cotton. Continue shopping at Lazy One.
        Best pj’s ever
        I loved my recent order cutest designs, so comfortable I am an Aussie where is doesn’t get cold very often so wearing these to bed on a cold winters night in Colorado is the best!!! I am addicted to buying them ??
        Robyn / Denver
        Accurate, fast and just what I wanted. Thanks for good competent customer service.
        Kath / FL
        My Favorite PJ’s
        With being 5’9 it’s hard to find PJ’s that are long enough. These fit me prefect. They are very well made and the material is so comfortable. Not to hot or to cold. I wear them all year round!
        Ashley Knox / Ohio
        Size chart
        Care Instructions
        Wash cold

        Cold with like colors

        No bleach

        Non-chlorine bleach

        Tumble dry

        Tumble Dry Low, remove promptly

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