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        Butter Me Up - Lobster | Kid Sock

        Reviews (9)

        Our Butter Me Up Kid socks are perfect for any kid that love lobsters.  Kids love our fun sock styles, and we have just the right design for your little "sock star." All Kid's Socks are a durable blend of 75% cotton, 15% nylon and 10% spandex.

        ? 75% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 10% Spandex

        ? Contrasting Heel & toe

        ? Preshrunk

        Brand: LazyOne
        SKU: KSK780
        User Reviews (9)
        I just love it. Very very nice thanks lazy one!!!
        Snowstorm / Florida
        ?? it all !
        Love my pjs
        They are the most comfortable pjs I have ever worn so I ordered my grand babies and myself and another pair!
        Love My Experience!
        I had a great experience with Lazy One and have ordered items about 4-5 times in the past.
        Laura S.
        Best Gift Ever
        I just have to say this was the first time I ordered from the site and was totally impressed. It was easy to shop, I found lots of other things I wanted to get but what I did get was a gift. I was extremely impressed because, even with everything that's going on, it arrived several days before it was expected. I ordered so late for his birthday that I figured there was no way it would get there in time but it did. I would definitely recommend your amazingly comfortable pajamas and gifts on your site to all my family and friends. I will definitely be a return customer.Thanks for being so awesome!
        Kati / Wisconsin
        We got a few pairs of these a couple years ago (same picture, different colors) and they have lasted through all 3 of my boys and are still holding up great! They aren't thin like regular socks. They are made well and super cute!
        Fun Grandma gift
        I saw these at the Old Country Store in Moultonborough, NH but they didn't have all my grandkids' sizes. The designs are fun for kids, and I look forward to gifting all the kiddos at our Labor Day weekend get-together. Price reasonable so I could get pairs for everyone!
        Mommadell / Los Angeles
        Cute stuff!
        Dawn / NY
        Accurate, fast and just what I wanted. Thanks for good competent customer service.
        Kath / FL
        Size chart
        Care Instructions
        Wash cold

        Cold with like colors

        No bleach

        Non-chlorine bleach

        Tumble dry

        Tumble Dry Low, remove promptly

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