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        Funny Socks, Slippers, and Booties

        Footwear Everyone Will Love by LazyOne

        Everyone agrees—being cold is something to howl about! Having cold feet is a thumbs (or paws) down feeling that we avoid. Stay warm and entertained with our fun footwear collection that features not only creative socks, but Roaring good booties too! The sock, slipper, and cozy boot offerings are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or just for fun.

        Just because they’re socks doesn’t mean they have to be bland! Our crew socks are made with good humor prints and creative styles. The women’s crew socks offer the Dead Tired sugar skull and Mama Bear socks, whereas the men have the Stud Puffin and Release the Cracken selections. We also offer women’s slipper socks, for a “bearly” there look. Plus, these funny socks have a ton of personality! Keep your littlest one’s toesies nice and warm with our infant socks, built with a non-skid sole for safe crawling and walking. No slipping and sliding!

        Slippers occupy that sweet spot for footwear that’s not quite a sock, yet not a shoe! We have an assortment of both stylish and funny slippers to choose from, like the Fuzzy Feet. These are designed with fleece and non-skid soles making them functional for milling about the house. If you’re looking for a holiday card worthy slipper, look no further than our Eskimo inspired Mukluks. The faux suede bottom is hand-stitched to give these an authentic Arctic look. The Spa Slippers have a “funky monkey” flip-flop design made of soft microfiber polyester. They’re a great option for someone looking for funny slippers, as their appeal makes them super unusual in the best way! You can dress the whole family in our Woodland Slippers, which feature our cute bear character fashioned in variegated yarn. Keep the family’s paws cozy with a fleece lining, snug ankle cuff, and non-skid sole. If novelty is what you’re all about, go for the undeniably fun Animal Paw Slippers! From Bigfoot to a Yeti, these funny slippers for adults or kids are designed to look just like the creature’s paw! Or, “giddy up” with the Cowboy Boot Slippers, offered in five different styles for your little cowboy or girl.

        Comfortable and toasty feet means happy campers, and in your small tribe, that’s always a plus! If you have questions about our footwear collection, please feel free to contact us!

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