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        Free Shipping over $50 in US

        Stalking the shadows at night in search of crimes such as uncomfortable, boring PJs, Bat Moose is ready to do his part. With our Bat Moose pajamas, honor this loveable hero of the night in style and comfort!

        Why combine a bat and a moose you ask? Because he is the hero we need in these trying times. A moose is known for being quiet and stealthy to aid in sneaking up on boring jammies, while a bat has the night vision needed to spot the crime of bad PJs from great distances. Let Bat Moose save the day with the right jammies to get your brood through the night!

        Our playful Bat Moose pajamas feature this character in all his glory with wings stretched out and a look of determination on his masked moose face. With classic yellow and black design reminiscent of another superhero favorite we can’t officially deny or confirm is a relative of our hero, these jammies get you ready for bed in style. Made with 100% combed cotton knit for comfort, these Bat Moose pajamas are sure to please for any adventure. We offer men’s, children, and even infant onesies so all the men in the house can embrace their superhero side. Add this fan favorite to bedtime and take on the crime of boring jammies once and for all!

        Jammies are great, but the little extras can make bedtime even easier for your little one. Bring this character to life with a cuddly stuffed moose. Wrap up another day in comfort with a kid’s hooded blanket for a Moose-have item.

        No one likes cold hooves at night. Fight frozen toes with our socks for adults and kids with this Crusader for Coziness in a lively pattern. With Toasty Toez booty slippers, give your little one a great finishing touch to their outfit as they drift off to fight PJ crime with their favorite bedtime crime fighter.

        Our collection of Bat Moose pajamas and accessories is here to solve the crime of boring PJs! Order today and add this hero to your night. 

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